Monster Gym Member Discount

Monster Gym (En) Unlike any other Crossfit gym, our facility is in the same building as one of the best gyms in the Montreal area. Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, Monster Gym offers a service no other gym does and quickly gained thousands of loyal members. In keeping with Monster Gyms competitive pricing and friendly atmosphere, we felt it necessary to give current Monster Gym members a MAJOR discount. The discount will be available to any Monster Gym member who has had a membership before August 1st 2014. We are going to start by giving current Monster gym members a 25% discount on our membership! This membership will allow current Monster members to continue to take advantage of Monster Gym’s amazing facilities, while enjoying the intensity and Crossfit style training we will be providing. We look forward to having any current Monster Gym members and introducing them to an efficient and effective style of training!