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Strangers in the Night Discount Code: strangers2015

In order to take advantage of our Strangers in the Night 20% off promotion on any of our membership options please follow these instructions below: First – chose how many months you would like to purchase. Please note that we are encouraging all of our new members to take part in our intro classes. These intro classes consist of three hour long sessions where you will learn all of the fundamental movements of Crossfit, prior to incorporating them into your workouts to avoid injury. Should you not wish to partake in the intro sessions, please sign up as a ‘New Member’ without intro. (Please note that we encourage all new members to do our intro classes, and should we assess that you need to attend the intro sessions after you’ve attended a class, you will be required to do so.)

Secondly – Enter your personal information in the space provided as seen below:

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Thirdly – Enter the following discount code, strangers2015, into the space provided

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And finally – Enter all of your credit card and account information into the spaces provided. Your credit card will be charged monthly for the amount indicated after your discount. We hope these instructions made the payment process much easier!

Thank you again for your business and we look forward to seeing you around the gym!